Saturday, July 12, 2014

Caveman Regimen - From Acne to Clear Skin ~ Day 22

Wow, I can't believe it's been 22 days without washing my face and updating you guys!

Alright, so I haven't been perfect with dealing with my skin. I've gotten a bit frustrated, anxious, annoyed. I've picked at it when I really shouldn't have... That being said, I'm so happy with my decision to go caveman with my skincare! I find that if I do pick at my skin, it heals quickly. So when I do, I don't get too stressed out because I know my skin will heal itself. That being said, I still shouldn't pick at my skin, because I've created a few breakouts unnecessarily. My skin isn't nearly as red as it use to be, and I can actually see my freckles more! So I quite like that. :)

My skin isn't totally clear. Yet. I really have faith in this regimen! I still have a couple pimples, but I think if I leave them alone and be patient they will go away. Then I'll be clear! Hopefully that's how it will play out...

I actually got my sister to do this too, and her skin is doing amazing! Her skin isn't nearly as sensitive as mine, but her skin has taken to this very quickly. She loves it too! So sensitive skin or not, you should give it a shot!

Now in 8 days it will be the 30 day mark. I got these exfoliating cotton rounds, and have decided what I'm going to do it slightly wet them and use that to exfoliate my dead skin mask off. I'm so excited to do that! I honestly cannot wait! But I will. Hopefully. These cotton rounds should be very gentle, and I think they'll do the trick!

I have gotten some water on my face from showering, and I had to splash my face to get something off my skin once, but I'm still trying to go no water. So I'm going to keep with it!

Alright, guys! I'll update you again by the end of the 30 days!

xx Chloe ^_^


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