Friday, July 25, 2014

Caveman Regimen - From Acne to Clear Skin ~ Day 30 & 33

I made it!
Wow, I manage to go 30 days without washing my face. And I still haven't, today being day 33. :D
I feel like my skin has changed a lot in these last three days. I was going to update you exactly on the 30 day mark, but my skin had a couple breakouts and was a bit red from exfoliating the dead skin off. The breakouts weren't from exfoliating, it was from picking. But, I haven't pick at my face since, and my skin has cleared most of those few breakouts. And my face was just a bit red from exfoliating that dead skin mask off, which felt like the most wonderful thing to do!

Okay, I'm going to put a few picture in here to show how it looked, dead skin mask and all, after 30 days.

You can see my skin flaking from the dead skin.

You can see the couple breakouts I had.

My skin didn't look too bad!

So overall, it was super flaky, and a bit red around the breakouts I had. I first tried to exfoliate my skin with these exfoliating cotton rounds. I tried it dry first, then I wet it. It didn't exfoliate my dead skin mask off though. So I just took my fingers and rubbed back and forth on my skin to exfoliate the dead skin off. It was pretty gross, but my skin underneath felt so smooth! My skin didn't feel dry, or oily. It felt perfectly balanced.

My skin is still flaking a little, but from what I've read eventually your skin will balance itself and stop flaking. 

This is what my skin looks like today!

I have a couple minor breakouts.

Still some flaking.

Scaring is slowly but surely going away!

The major difference I can tell is that my skin tone is much more even, and it isn't very red like it was before. My breakouts are fewer and fewer. If I do get a pimple, it's generally pretty small. So overall, I will definitely continue with this! My skin doesn't get irritated anymore, it's so much quicker not having to wash my face. I feel so much more free not having to wash my face! My skin isn't prefect yet, but I'm hoping it will just keep on improving. It's hard to tell a huge difference from pictures, but I can definitely tell a difference in my skin. If you've managed to clear your skin up a lot, but it still isn't quite there, I would recommend you try this! You really have nothing to lose, and it seriously is so great to be so free! Haha, I really love it! 

I hope my experiment has helped you determine if you want to give this a try. Let me know if you do try it or if you already have!

xx Chloe 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Caveman Regimen - From Acne to Clear Skin ~ Day 22

Wow, I can't believe it's been 22 days without washing my face and updating you guys!

Alright, so I haven't been perfect with dealing with my skin. I've gotten a bit frustrated, anxious, annoyed. I've picked at it when I really shouldn't have... That being said, I'm so happy with my decision to go caveman with my skincare! I find that if I do pick at my skin, it heals quickly. So when I do, I don't get too stressed out because I know my skin will heal itself. That being said, I still shouldn't pick at my skin, because I've created a few breakouts unnecessarily. My skin isn't nearly as red as it use to be, and I can actually see my freckles more! So I quite like that. :)

My skin isn't totally clear. Yet. I really have faith in this regimen! I still have a couple pimples, but I think if I leave them alone and be patient they will go away. Then I'll be clear! Hopefully that's how it will play out...

I actually got my sister to do this too, and her skin is doing amazing! Her skin isn't nearly as sensitive as mine, but her skin has taken to this very quickly. She loves it too! So sensitive skin or not, you should give it a shot!

Now in 8 days it will be the 30 day mark. I got these exfoliating cotton rounds, and have decided what I'm going to do it slightly wet them and use that to exfoliate my dead skin mask off. I'm so excited to do that! I honestly cannot wait! But I will. Hopefully. These cotton rounds should be very gentle, and I think they'll do the trick!

I have gotten some water on my face from showering, and I had to splash my face to get something off my skin once, but I'm still trying to go no water. So I'm going to keep with it!

Alright, guys! I'll update you again by the end of the 30 days!

xx Chloe ^_^

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You Are Beautiful.

Yes, you! Too often I think we all forget how beautiful, treasured, loved, and special we are. I just wanted to remind you, you are beautiful. You are treasured. You are loved, so, so much! You are so incredibly special!

I absolutely just love this quote. Some scientists say that is you saw a clone of yourself, you wouldn't even recognize yourself because our idea of how we look is very different from how we actually look. So often we view ourselves as plain, or ugly, or ordinary. I want to tell you that you are anything but plain, ugly, or ordinary!

I feel like a lot of the time you'll see someone who looks different to you, or has something you want, and so you label them beautiful. Then you label yourself not beautiful because you don't have what they do. They are beautiful for what they have and look like, and you are beautiful for what you have and look like.

You are not a mistake. God created you and has a plan for your life. A beautiful and unique plan! He loves you with a love that will always be there. He cherishes you, and is so excited to be there for you! He loves you so much, and nothing you can do will change His love for you. He will never be angry with you. He loves you, and thinks you're absolutely stunning! 

And please, don't forget. You are beautiful.

I love you all!

xx Chloe

Friday, June 20, 2014

Caveman Regimen - From Acne to Clear Skin ~ Day 1

Hello, you beautiful person!

Today marks the start of my caveman regimen experience to clear skin. Ever heard of it? Most probably haven't, so I'll give you a quick run down.
Basically, the caveman regimen isn't a regimen at all. It's where you do nothing to your skin. I mean no cleansing, toning, moisturizing, spot treating, picking, no face makeup. You leave your skin alone to heal and get back to it's natural state. Kind of scary, right? Letting go of your control, and letting your skin heal itself naturally isn't the easiest thing. Physically it's super easy! It takes wayyyy less time to get ready in the morning, and to get ready for bed at night. Emotionally and mentally though, it can be challenging. But that too, is part of the healing process.

Today marks the official start of the caveman regimen for me. For about 1 1/2 months I haven't washed my face in the morning, only the night. Then a few days ago I stopped washing my face at night too, but I did rinse it and apply a little bit of jojoba oil afterwards. Now though, I'm going extreme and will try to not let any products touch my face, including  not letting water touch my face. When I wash my hair, I'll probably get some water on my face but that's kind of unavoidable. Some people that do the caveman regimen will rinse their face with water, but at least in the beginning for me, I'm not going to.

I'm just going to take you guys on this journey with me, and see how it goes! I have a beauty channel on YouTube, but thankfully I've never been a big one on foundation and face makeup. I will still wear eye makeup, but I can just remove that without doing anything to the rest of my face. So hopefully by the end of 30 days, that's generally how long it takes for your skin to start looking and feeling good, I'll have clearer skin!

Right now, my skin is looking a little oily, but nothing bad. The texture also isn't very smooth, but that's how everyone feels in the beginning of this regimen. My skin is trying to learn how to take care of itself without the help of products. I had such lovely skin up until I was 11, or 12. From that age on I started to use face washes, granted they were natural ones, but that was the start of my skin issues. Ever since then I've struggled with acne. No more, though! I'm ready for it to be gone. I've always used natural products on my face, but I have such sensitive skin that I think this might just be the right thing for me. :)

Now in addition to the caveman regimen, I try to eat clean and healthy (I try to eat no gluten and dairy in the week). I also exercise 4-6 times a week. I think one of the huge contributors to clear skin is a healthy lifestyle. Now I do let myself indulge on the weekends, because if I don't treat myself I would not be able to maintain eating healthy.

I have a lot of acne scars from a semi recent really bad skin freak out and break out. After lots of patience though, I've managed to get my skin to this point.

This is the current state of what my skin looks like, day 1:

I'm not sure how often I will update you guys, because I'm going to try to not be obsessive about how my skin looks these first 30 days. After the 30 days, I've read that you can gently exfoliate all the dead skin off, and it will reveal beautiful and smooth skin. I'm not sure yet how I will exfoliate it off, just with my fingers, or with a natural Konjac exfoliating sponge. I read about someone who used that sponge and it worked well for her. So we'll see! I hope you all bear with me, and I hope I can stick it out!

xx Chloe