Friday, April 12, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress Review

Hey everyone!

Today I'm going to be doing a review on the Kiss Nail Dress nail art strips for your tips and toes! I have never tried any nail strips (or stickers) before. So I'm a newbie with applying these, and am able to give my full review without comparing them to any other brand.

I got my nail strips in Be Mine from their limited edition collection (It looks like there are 6 limited edition nail strips), and bought them for $5.97 without tax from Wal-Mart. The main reason I bought these was because of the gorgeous design! When I saw them in the store, they were calling my name, "Chloe, Chloe! Buy us!". Ha, ha, ha, so maybe they weren't, but they are super cute and caught my attention! They remind me of water marbled nail art, and peacock feathers.

Okay, let's get down to business. Let's start off with what the instructions say, first it says to clean your nails with either alcohol or nail polish remover. I cleaned my nails with my nails polish remover to make sure I didn't have any oil, dirt, or leftover nail polish on. Then it says to file and smooth nails. I didn't do that because my nails were already filed and in shape. Next it just tells you to find the correct size and how to apply and remove the excess nail strip.
When I applied them to my first hand, I actually applied them the wrong way! Ha, ha, ha... I was applying the more squared off end by my cuticle, when you're supposed to apply the curved end by your cuticle (I had a total, "Wow, Chloe..." moment. As I'm sure we all have once in a new moon!). After I figured that out, I saw that they went on looking a lot better! When I was applying them the wrong way, they were going on looking a bit off (of course). But even when I was applying them the correct way, some nails didn't get covered fully (the strip didn't cover both sides of my nails properly.). Now, I was a bit disappointed by that, but not totally surprised. I mean, they try and make these strips to fit all nails, and that isn't a very easy task as some nails are wider than others.

Another thing with the application is that they're fairly difficult to get to go on smoothly. On most of my nails I got little folds in the strips. Especially towards the tips of my nails, which isn't good because water easily got under the little folds and 'de-glued' the strips.

Also, cutting the excess nail strip off with the mini nail file it includes, left the tips of my nail strips uneven. Which then resulted in the strips catching on fabric and having little fluff at the end of my nails!

So, I actually ended up peeling these off my nails that night. After I got in the shower, a couple of the tips wouldn't stick to the ends of my nails. And it was annoying me having to keep pulling off the fluff!
But, peeling them off was quite fun! They slightly damaged my two thumb nails, but I just buffed them and they're totally fine now (with no damage to my other nails)! I just peeled them off and then used some nail polish remover to get rid off any of the glue left on my nails.
I also applied the nail strips to my toenails, which looks so cute!

It took me awhile to apply them to my toes, because they only include strips that fit your big toe, and then strips that fit your finger nails. So I had to do some cutting of the strips to get them to fit on my little toes. Now the strips are working really well on my toes because I don't use my toes to do things other than keep me balanced! Ha, ha, ha... Oh, dear. But they're working nicely on my toes and look super cute!

So to sum this overly long post up, I think they're super cute, don't take as long to apply as it would to actually paint your nails like this (but they are fairly time consuming in applying them), if applied very carefully, and smoothed onto the nail properly, can last for a few days (maybe even a week as it claims?). It's possible I applied them badly, even though I tried to apply them carefully and smoothly, but they didn't really work out for me. There probably are a few things I could do next time to make them work out better, but for a first time user, I'm not overly impressed. I might buy nail strips again, but would probably try out another brand like Sally Hansen.
Don't let my one review discourage you from buying them, though! Read other reviews, and try them out for yourself! The experience I have with something, might not me the same as yours.

I hope this helped you all!
xx Chloe


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