Monday, April 29, 2013

DIY Pillows! Body Pillow, Small Pillow, and Long Body Roll Pillow

Hey everyone! So I just made some DIY pillows for my room to match my new bedding I got. I decided I would show you guys how to do it! I show you in the video how to do everything, but I'm going to try and go step by step in this post to tell you how to make them! It is easier for me to show you how to make them, so watching the video will probably help. Okay, so let's get started!

What you'll need - 

Fabric: Total of 3 yards Muslin Fabric for all three pillows (Or any cheap fabric of your choice. This is what the pillow is going to be made of, but you're not going to see it because it's going to be covered by our pillow covers we're making!)
Total of 3 1/2 yards of fabric in your choice of color, design, and material. If you want to get more fabric, it is always better to have more just to be safe!

Stuffing: Total of 4 Bags (16 ounces each [454 grams]) Poly-Fil stuffing from FrayFair. You can use whatever materials in this project you want. You don't have to use what I use. :)

Buttons: The buttons might be needed, and they might not. I would buy some just to be sure you have them if you need them. I ended up using 3 buttons in total. In addition to the buttons, I bought some no fray glue from Dritz called Fray Check, just so I didn't have to sew any button holes.

And of course you're going to need a sewing machine, measuring tape, scissors, thread, and a needle.

                                         Small Head Pillow:

Small Head Pillow's Muslin Base Pillow:
  1. Cut out a piece of muslin fabric, along the folded edge of fabric, measuring 20 in" in length and 15 in" in width.
  2. Pin and sew the length side of fabric (if you cut the fabric so you have the folded edge in your cut piece, you only have to sew the one length side), and one of the width sides. Don't sew both width sides, you must leave one un-sewn so we can put the stuffing in.
  3. Flip the muslin cover so it's the right side around (where you don't see your sewing), and stuff with your stuffing. You can stuff it as densely as you like.
  4. Once stuffed to your liking, fold each edge of the opening (where you stuffed your pillow), down half an inch and press the two folded edges together and pin. Once folded and pinned together, sew that folded and pinned edge so the stuffing doesn't get out and so your muslin pillow in complete. 
Small Head Pillow Cover:
  1. Cut out a piece of your choice of fabric (printed, plain, polka dot), along the folded edge of fabric, measuring 27 in" in length and 22 in" in width.
  2. Fold the length ends of fabric over half an inch, pin, and sew both edges so they're hemmed.
  3. With print side of fabric facing up, fold the two length edges of fabric an inch and a half over the middle of the fabric. The one end of fabric will overlap the other end of fabric. The fabric should now be wrong side up after folding the ends an inch and a half over the middle of the fabric.
  4. Pin and sew the width ends of the fabric now. Once they are sewn, turn the fabric right side around.
  5. With fabric turned right side around, measure and pin 2 in" around the whole pillow case. Once measured and pinned, sew along the pillow case creating a 2 inch border. When you're sewing it, you're going to come upon the opening where you're going to put your pillow in. When you get to that spot, you need to stop, turn the fabric so it's going to the end of that piece of fabric, sew up that spot, then stop, turn the fabric like you would be continuing the border (even though you're 2 inches above it), sew a couple stitches, stop, turn the fabric so you're now going back towards the border where you're sewing, sew down, then once you're back to where you were sewing your border, back stitch back to the spot you left off with your border, then continue with the 2 inch border. Make sure to repeat this when you get to the other end with the opening. If you don't do that, you're going to have a hole in your 2 inch border.
  6. Once you're finished with your border, you're going to sew one third of the way down your opening where you put your pillow in. Where your pillow case opens, take the two length ends towards the border you just created, and make them overlap each other. Once they're overlapped, sew from about one-third way down, until you're back up to your border. Make sure when you're sewing, you're only sewing those two edges together and aren't sewing them to the whole pillow case. Do that to both sides. When you're finished you're going to have a smaller opening to put your pillow in. 
  7. Put your pillow in the pillow case you just created and see if the opening in the back flaps open. In my case it only flapped open with the body pillow. If it does flap open, use your buttons and no fray glue and put some buttons and button holes on the back to keep it closed. Then your pillow is finished!
                                         Body Pillow:

The body pillow is made exactly the same as the small head pillow, so just follow those instructions with these measurements. Here are the measurements to make it:

Muslin Base Pillow: Length 37 in", Width 17 in"
Body Pillow Cover: Length 45 in", Width 22 in" (If possible, make width 24 in". My fabric's width was 22 in" so I couldn't make it any wider)

                                         Long Body Roll Pillow:

Long Body Roll's Muslin Base Pillow:
  1. Cut out a piece of muslin fabric, along the folded edge, measuring 31 in" in length and 14 1/2 in" in width for the body roll. For the circle ends, take your fabric, fold it in half width wise, then fold it about 6 inches length wise. Then measure 4 1/2 inches length, and width, and mark it. Then cut the fabric at the 4 1/2 in" length part up towards the other 4 1/2 in" mark. When you reach the 4 1/2 in" width mark, curve your scissors so they are then going towards the end of the folded piece of fabric. 
  2. Pin and sew the length end of your  fabric for the body roll. Don't sew the width ends of fabric.
  3. Take your circle ends and pin them onto the width end of your body roll fabric. They're too big, so what you need to do is before you pin it onto the width end of the fabric, make a tiny little fold on the circle fabric piece and then pin it onto the width end. Do that until the whole circle end is pinned onto the width end and it fits properly. 
  4. Sew the one circle end onto the width end fully. Sew the second circle end onto the width end leaving about a 6 in" space un-sewn. Before you take the pins out so you can stuff the body roll, pinch the center of the circle end, fold the pinched end over about half an inch, then fold the folded end long ways. Pin it, and then sew just the very end of the folded part. This step it optional, but it does take the circle end in a bit, as it is slightly big.
  5. Take the pins out and turn the muslin cover the right way around so you don't see any sewing. Stuff the body roll. Once the body roll is stuffed to your liking, do what you did when you were first putting the circle ends on. Make tiny little folds on the circle fabric, and then pin it onto the body roll fabric. Then hand sew the opening. Then the muslin body roll pillow is done!
Body Roll Fabric Cover:
  1. Cut out a piece of your choice of fabric (printed, plain, polka dot), along the folded edge of fabric, measuring 32 in" in length and 19 in" in width for the body roll part. Then do the same folding technique we did with the muslin cover for the circle ends, and cut out a piece that is 4 in" by 4 in", curving the scissors when you reach the other 4 in" mark going towards the end of the folded fabric. I used a different fabric than from the body roll part.
  2. Fold the length ends of fabric over half an inch, and then fold it over again, pin, and sew both edges so they're hemmed. With this one, I had to fold it over twice, so it was double hemmed, because if I didn't it would fray.
  3. Take your finished muslin body roll pillow, and wrap the hemmed body roll fabric around it making the wrong side face you when wrapped. The ends will overlap, and that's how you want it. Pin about one third of the way down on both sides where the ends overlap. Take the pillow out of the fabric without un-pinning it. Then sew the pinned parts, making sure not to sew the whole cover together. 
  4. Flip the cover right side around, and the part that flaps from where the fabric overlapped, pin it and sew it. Again, make sure not to sew it onto the whole cover.
  5. Flip the fabric wrong side around, and pin the circle ends onto the width ends. The width part is slightly too big, so on each corner of the circle end (4 corners), make small folds with the main body roll fabric. Pin the circle ends onto the width ends without little folds for the rest of the width end. I took too much fabric in when creating the little folds, so I only ended up creating 3 little folds. But it isn't noticeable. 
  6. Sew both circle ends on fully, and then flip the cover right side around and put your muslin body roll pillow in it. Then you're finished!
Okay, so that is step by step instructions on how to do it! I hope they're easy to understand. If you're a bit confused, refer to the video so you can see what I'm doing. It's easier to show you how to do it than to explain to you how to do it. I hope you like them!

xx Chloe


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